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Better by Design makes choosing your new home plan simple!  

  • EASY, user-friendly searches. Search our plans by style, size, # floors, # bedrooms and more.

  • FREE SHIPPING on all plans! No hidden shipping & handling charges. The price shown is what you pay for 5 complete sets of plans!

  • FREE PLAN REVERSALS! Need the plan reversed to work on your lot? Just let us know. It’s FREE!

  • FLAT RATE REVISIONS! Need to change the foundation from basement to crawl or slab? Change the garage entry from front to side? Add 2’ to the bedrooms? Change from brick to siding? Most changes will be made at your request for only $99 additional charge. (We will let you know if that’s not possible before we begin the work.)

  • BUILDER TESTED Plans! Almost every plan on out site has been built locally by builders we work with regularly. If there are bugs in the plans we work them out! Many plans on other sites have numerous errors. 

  • FREE! Electronic plans! At your request we will send you by email a PDF set of any plan you purchase. You may send it out for bids, etc., and save your paper copies!

  • INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL- FREE! Durable Jobsite Plans. For a limited time you'll get a FREE set of waterproof, rip-proof plans. Use them on the jobsite. Drop them in the mud and just hose them off. A $25 value FREE!